Illustration of the Seth House

Welcome To The Seth House

“You make your own reality. There is no other rule.” [NoPR, Session 613]
THE SETH HOUSE is the apartment building in Elmira, New York where Jane Roberts and Robert Butts lived from 1960-1975.

Join us on this great adventure and keep up to date with our exciting new happenings!

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Jane as Seth with Rob taking notes

This is the place where Seth, a “personality energy essence no longer focused in physical reality,” spoke through Jane while she was in a trance. Seth’s teachings are profound, transformational and life changing. Together they wrote forty-five books, have sold over seven million copies and have been translated into over eleven languages. The books, although written decades ago, have not only survived the test of time, but have more followers than ever. Many new age self-help gurus had been influenced by the Seth materials.

We are happy to announce that efforts are underway to acquire this old building, restore it, and open it up as a public place for all to enjoy. The work of this 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization is ambitious and right on time. Creating a legal structure such as this will help protect the building well into the future, and formally acknowledge the amazing events that took place within these walls.

Jane Roberts with typewriter
Jane Roberts

A major event happened here, not so long ago, and it’s time we honor and preserve this place while we still can. The intention is for the building to be made open to the public for spiritual, educational and research purposes. It’s the perfect place to bring people together to joyfully study the material, and to help other Seth inspired groups and individuals around the world make important connections with each other.

We welcome all Seth readers and friends to be part of this adventure. Bring your creative ideas, join our efforts, and share this vision. Please take a look at the rest of the site, there is plenty of information here to keep you busy for hours. We have Seth Quotes, a video tour of The Seth House and videos from our Seth Talk Live meetings, information on how science is FINALLY validating things Seth told us about 40 years ago and more.

Restoring and Opening the House For
Public Enjoyment, Education and Inspiration

These photos show how “The Seth House” looked in its prime, and how it looks today. Click the photos for a closer look.

1880s mansion
Old postcard of w water street, Seth house
Seth House now

Our goal is to post new photos in the near future of a beautifully restored building that will be open to Seth readers and friends from around the world to visit and enjoy. Let’s formally honor the amazing experiences that occurred here which brought us such a great wealth of breakthrough information!

Most of All … This is a Special Place For ALL of Us

Bringing us together is what this is all about. We’re creating a true Community Center, a meeting place to discuss this meaningful information. This is a place of quiet contemplation, as well as lively conversations and good hearty laughter. This is a place for personal healing, and awakening a sense of true spiritual connection. Please join us, the fun has just begun!

This website is full of information about Seth and our exciting plans for this place. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We invite you to join us in our work to create this amazing new Open Center for inquiry into the nature of reality itself and creating a joyful life.

Find out how you can be part of this project by going to the Donate page. There are so many ways to open new doors and bring something beautiful to Elmira… to the world… and to yourself.

The Seth House Project. YOU can be part of it.