vintage Elmira post card

Everything is Right About This Town

Elmira was once a golden city, economically robust with thriving cultural and architectural splendors. As with many towns across America, it has experienced its share of economic and social perplexities. Perhaps in some small way, having The Seth House established here may actually contribute to an economic upturn. “Seth Tourism” could only help the area, and this is probably the first time those two words have been put together. This is a lovely town with beautiful nature surrounding it and lovely old houses (some are also in the same category of “fixer-uppers”). By beautifying one house on this very busy thoroughfare we could actually help boost the self-esteem and hope of local residents. A new positive energy on any street is all it takes to inspire more of the same.

“If you think strongly of being in another location, a pseudoimage of yourself will be projected out from you to that place, whether or not it is perceived and whether or not you yourself are conscious of it, or conscious in it.” [Seth Speaks, Session 540]

Elmira needs to finally take pride in these notable residents: Seth, a “personality essence no  longer focused on physical reality,” (his words) and his two comrades, Jane, a successful author and Rob, a successful artist. This could (surprisingly enough) be a big boon to an energetic, financial and cultural upswing here. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Elmira’s claim to fame is that this unique “inter-dimensional communication” that happened here, is ultimately part of what makes much needed positive contributions to our collective reality? Hey, what could be better? It’s time to give the town of Elmira something really big to be proud of, and this is pretty darn huge when you stop to think about it.

chemung river view, grass and trees

The Chemung River

Right across the street is the Chemung River, with miles of delightful pathways through lush trees, forest and waterways.

The house is located right across the street from the Chemung River and the Walnut Street Bridge. You are only steps away from ducks and geese and trails leading into forests that meander beside the river. You may walk for peaceful miles and enjoy your nature time.

view up West Water Street
The view up West Water St.
An Easy Walk to Downtown Elmira and Local Shops

Located in Elmira’s Near Westside Historic District, the house surrounded by lovely old houses and only three blocks from the downtown district with local shops and eateries. Heading east from the house you are just a few of blocks from downtown Elmira.

There are shops, eateries, parks, and quaint old homes up and down the streets to admire. There’s also a gym, bicycle rental, and a couple of pubs. You won’t go hungry because there are tea & coffee shops like Turtle Leaf Cafe, and Downtown Grind Coffee & Tea, Light’s Bakery, Beijing Garden Chinese restaurant, and McDonald’s isn’t far away either. Holistic places like The Healing & Learning Center, Heart to Heart Yoga Studio and Live Well Upstate are close by.

To walk through the area, click this link to Google Maps and drag the “yellow man” to 458 West Water Street.

arnot art museum

Walk Where Jane & Rob Walked…
See the Places They Saw

See where Rob worked at Artistic Greeting. The restaurant that their landlord owned and is still in the Pazziani family. The house on Bohemia Lane that they almost bought (Seth recommended) in 1964. Walk the sidewalks Jane walked when she sold Avon products all over Elmira. St. Joseph’s hospital, where Jane passed from physical reality.

flooded elmira

The Flood of 1972

Ask anyone you meet in Elmira and they will be happy to tell you all about The Flood of ’72. An event which was written about in “Nature of Personal Reality.”

Mark Twain's freestanding study pagoda

Mark Twain

Seth and Jane Roberts are not the only notable authors this town has produced. Mark Twain grave markerNo less than Samual Clemens (aka Mark Twain) lived here and worked in the studio to the left. He is buried just a few miles away. There are public buildings and other places named after him, including the Clemens Center. And his wife’s Langdon family was influential.

elmira welcome sign with figures of famous people

Famous Elmirans

This is the billboard you will see when entering Elmira from the east. It shows people who lived here who made a name for themselves in the world. Why isn’t Jane Roberts on that sign? We need to take care of that soon. If you’re interested in more notable Elmirans, here’s an impressive list on the Elmira Wikipedia page. And yes, Jane is on the list. We think the billboard needs to be expanded considerably.

Location, Location, Location
Marie Burdo and infant jane
Jane’s mother, Marie Burdo, holding infant Jane. Circa 1929.

The Seth House is ideally located in the heart of town, across from the beautiful Chemung River,  just 20 minutes from the local Elmira-Corning Airport, and close to many nearby attractions. So we can easily welcome visitors from around the world—and show them a good time!

Elmira is less than four hours from Saratoga Springs, where Jane was born, grew up and attended Skidmore College. Less than 20 miles from Sayre, Pennsylvania, where Rob grew up and Jane and Rob lived for a while. And just over four hours from New Haven, Connecticut, where the Yale University Library Archives contain the Seth Materials Collection.