“(Long pause.) Ruburt had a dream with excellent connotations, in which he looked through a beautiful old house of lovely carved wood and spacious rooms, and decided to move into the house, even though it was in an area that had previously nearly been condemned — signifying that he was indeed rising from beliefs that he condemned into a larger, spacious area of expression.”  [The Way Toward Health, Chapter 2]

Simply said… “Let’s paint this place!”

This is “The Seth House” photographed March 2018. Jane Roberts & Rob Butts’s apartment is on the second floor.
Well, Here It Is…

If you’ve ever driven by this place and perhaps wondered – “If anything looks that bad on the outside, how must it look on the inside?” Well, here’s your answer – Yes, it does look just as bad on the inside.

Below is a mini-sampling of a photo gallery we have. We see these as just more projects we look forward to working on. Lots and lots of creativity awaits us!

If anyone out there wants to join us for this labor of love, we can tell you about the instant gratification of a bucket of paint being applied to walls like these and watching reality shift so quickly. In just one afternoon with a few people on a mission to “make pretty” you see the power of paint in all its glory.

Have a look at these “Before Pics” and we hope to post even more “During” and “After Pics” very soon.

Interior – 2nd Floor Stairway and Hall

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Exterior of 458 West Water Street

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View of the two story carriage house

The Carriage House

The Carriage House could be the most fun of all. This building is behind the main house in the backyard. Believe it or not, inside it is livable, and good living at that. It has a two story four bedroom house on top and a six door garage below that can hold up to nine cars. Exterior cosmetic repairs wouldn’t hurt a bit. The garage doors need to be cleaned up and re-fitted. This project would be a fun-filled adventure for some folks with the skills. We have high hopes for this building. Plenty of open shared social space in the nice two living rooms, large kitchen and dining room. This could be the social hang out and Seth Fun House.

This is All Do-Able,
Let’s Make This Place Beautiful Again!

Really, the pictures barely represent the poor condition of this building. We need divine intervention. We need human intervention. Please go to our Donate page to find out more about how you can make all the difference in the world by helping make this house shine brightly once again. Blessings to you and thank you so much.