Being interviewed by two major newspapers in 2019 is an experience we’ll never forget. We met with reporters several times, with follow ups over the phone, lots of emails and texting too.  A lot goes into creating articles. Months of advance prep time too. Please enjoy.

Star-Gazette newspaper cover The Seth House

The Elmira Star-Gazette

The Star-Gazette ran this on front page of the Sunday paper on Oct 27, 2019. Wow, talk about letting Elmira know we’re here? This article also ran, on the front cover, for two other regional newspapers “Ithaca Journal” and the Binghamton “Press Connects”. This was a lot of exposure for Seth and for The Seth House.

The online presence for the article in these 3 publications is identical, so we’ll bounce around to the 3 different papers to share these links with you.

Below are links to only the online versions of the articles. The actual paper looked completely different, of course, and we liked the look of the actual paper with the impressive front cover and five full pages.

There are two articles below to read. We really love the two videos they created, and there’s a link below where they can be seen.


Times article This Spirit is Moving Them

The New York Times

Many thanks to the New York Times for telling the world about Seth and The Seth House.

This several page article ran on Oct 31st, 2019, on the front page of their Thursday “Style section.”

There’s a difference between the paper article and the online article. We only have the online link right now.

The paper article was titled differently, and we like this one better. Click the link below to read the online article.

Times Logo     Article