Welcome To The Seth House
What the 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation is all about

Kate explains about the plans for The Seth House, what they’re doing now, and how donations are so needed in order to restore the house and accomplish The Vision to repair and restore the house so it can be a gathering/meeting place for all. Please take a few minutes to listen.

“Soon, you see, you will all be able to read the Seth material. You all have good minds. You are not used to using them. You set up barriers and gates and limitations, and the material demands your high intellectual focus. I want you to use your intuitions, but I also want you to use your intellects. Some of you still have to learn to use them and how to give them freedom…. You are always welcome to Seth’s house. Ruburt does not take kindly to that remark.” [Early Class Sessions 1, 01/14/69]

A Seth House Tour

Here is a 16 minute documentary about the house, the people, and the work we are doing to preserve the building. But most importantly this is about the messages Seth delivered here in Elmira, New York. We thank Bob Terrio for creating this wonderful mini-documentary. Music by Paul Helfrich.

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